Travel Openings

While tryouts took place in August, there may be limited space on some teams.  If you are interested in signing up for Spring travel soccer please email the travel manager - Jess Hillis - at

Travel Registration Overview

With Fall 2014 and Spring 2015 Travel registration opening we wanted help answer as many questions about the process in one place.

To Register

Simply click REGISTER or LOG IN at the top right of the page.

Fall Soccer TOTS

We will be offering a fall soccer TOTS session this fall.  Registration is currently open.


With us moving to a 2 year uniform rotation (started Spring 2014, covering Spring 2014 and Spring 2015), uniforms are no longer included in the registration costs.  These will be ordered and paid for by the individual families through Planet Soccer.  The estimated cost of the uniform (1 home jersey, 1 away jersey, 1 pair shorts, 2 pair socks) is $95.  More details on the ordering process will be provided soon.

PACT training

Parents and Coaches together (PACT) training is required for all families of traveling players.  No player card is issued until the training is completed.

Bound to the club

Following MYSA's rules ( for traveling soccer, you are bound to Lakeville Soccer Club by submitting this registration.

Volunteer Bond

LSC is instituting a volunteer bond for the Spring 2015 season.  This will require each traveling family to submit $150 at the beginning of the season, that will be voided after volunteering for one volunteer role.  Head coaches, assistant coaches, managers, and board members are exempt.  More details will be provided this fall.

Fall Traveling teams

There are no evaluations for fall travel.  Fall team placement occurs after the spring travel team is formed in August according to the LSC travel guidelines in Section II - 26**NEW** For U13 and U14 teams, LSC has decided to offer a Fall option this year!  This age group is currently wait listed to see what initial enrollment numbers are.  For U13 and 14 Fall only, you will not be charged unless added to a fall team. 

Uniforms are not included with the Fall travel registration.

For the Fall U13/14 age group - players who sign up will be wait listed.  Once spring teams are formed, the fall team will be made up of spring players also playing fall and then filled in with fall only players (with fall only players being added first come first serve)

THANK YOU for your patience while we work all these details through.  We hope you are ready to begin another great soccer season!!

Travel Program

Lakeville Soccer Travel Program is designed to provide travel opportunities for all boys and girls from the Lakeville community. LSC strives to provide an environment where all players can meet their playing potential and compete with and against players of equal skill and athletic ability.

Travel Age Groups

LSC fields teams in the MYSA Summer and Fall Leagues. These consist of:
Small-sided Travel (U9 through U12)
Regular Travel (U13 through U19)
Select Travel (U12 through U19)

Travel Coaches

All LSC traveling teams utilize a volunteer or paid coach. LSC requires all Select Travel teams have fee-based coaches. Any travel team could have a fee-based coach if no qualified volunteer coaches are available. Teams can also request a fee-based coach. Coach fees are prorated among all the members of the team.

General Information

Players are discouraged from participating in multiple non-school sporting activities during the soccer season because of the conflicts that results from practice and game requirements. Summer practices and games are generally on week nights, tournaments and some practices (coach/team decision) are on the weekends. Fall practices are during the week and games are on the weekend.
The spring/summer team practices vary by age group.  Younger ages begin in March at an indoor facility, while older teams can start in October based off of the coaches discretion.  Practices move outside in April or as soon as the weather permits. The MYSA regular season begins the first Monday in May.
LSC offers individual skill development training for all ages starting in November.

Development Travel Soccer: U9-U10

U9 & U10 teams are formed at the end of July prior to the fall travel soccer season and after the July U9/10 tryout evaluations. Teams compete at Maroon (top team) or Gold levels in small-sided 6v6 games (the level of play is decided at or soon after team formations). Maximum roster size is 12 players. Also, teams will participate in MYSA's Spring/Summer and possibly Fall seasons, and are encouraged to play in at least 1-3 local tournaments. U8s are encouraged to tryout and such players may be placed with other U9s on a U9 team or as part of a team comprised entirely of U8 players, which will play up to U9(most likely at the Gold level).
To register for tryouts, you need to make the initial installment payment for the spring/summer season with LSC. Then your child will be able to attend tryouts.

Regular Travel Soccer Small-sided Competitive (U11-U12) & Development Plan

U11/12 teams are formed in early to mid August.  After the conclusion of the early August tryouts dates. Both u11 and U12 teams compete as a C1 (top level), or C2 or C3 (lowest level). Teams participate in MYSA summer and fall leagues.

Regular Travel U13-U19 Summary & Development Plan

Regular Traveling comprises the age groups U13 through U19. Teams are formed based on evaluations held in late July/ early August. Teams compete at Classic 2 or 3, depending on the team's standings from the previous summer season's play. Fall league play is currently not offered; U13 and older players are encouraged to play for their school teams in the fall. All Regular Travel players are welcome to take advantage of Winter Training designed to increase their soccer skills.

Select Travel Summary & Development Plan

Select Travel is a LSC designated program for age groups U12 through U19. Teams play at the premier and C1 level. Fee-based coaches are utilized and teams are formed via a tryout the first week in August. Year round training and extended tournament participation is required. Yearly team expenses are divided equally between all families regardless of participation in team practice sessions. The Club welcomes multi sport athletes and has specific guidelines concerning their soccer participation during the non-soccer season

Travel Contacts

Travel Manager Jessica Hillis Email
Board Member - Boys Coordinator Pat Bayer Email
Board Member - Girls Coordinator U9 to U12 Open Email
Board Member - Girls Coordinator U13+ Doug Davis Email

Travel Overview

  Select Travel Spring 2015 Regular Travel Spring 2015  Fall 2014
  These are Premier/Select/C1 teams These are C2/C3 teams for U11+ and Maroon/Gold for U9/10 These teams are created from Spring teams with players also playing Fall

Age Boys Girls Cost Boys Girls Cost Boys Girls Cost
U9 No Team No Team   Team Posted Team Posted $260* No Evaluations No Evaluations $160*
U10 No Team No Team   Team Posted Team Posted $260* No Evaluations No Evaluations $160*
U11 No Team No Team Team Posted Team Posted $280* No Evaluations No Evaluations $180*
U12 Team Posted Team Posted $355* Team Posted Team Posted $280*  No Evaluations No Evaluations $180*
U13 No Team
Team Posted $375* Team Posted Team Posted $290* Wait list Wait list $200*
U14 Team posted Team posted
$375* Team Posted Team Posted $290* Wait list Wait list  $200*
U15 No Team Try-outs** $375* Team Posted Team Posted $290* No Team No Team  $200*
U16 Team Posted Team Posted $375* Team Posted
Team Posted $290* No Team No Team  $200*
U17 Team Posted Team Posted $375* See U18/19
Team Posted $290* No Team No Team  $200*
U18/19 No Team Try-outs $375* Team Posted Team Posted $290* No Team No Team  $200*
  Register for Select Travel 2015 Register for Traveling Spring 2015 Register for Traveling Fall 2014
  * Registration cost does not include uniform cost ($95), Select coach cost (if select team), tournament costs, indoor training costs, etc.
  Try-out dates are listed below.  Travel policies and guidelines are listed on the right side below.
  Goalkeepers should attend tryouts for their appropriate age-group. They will participate in their own separate activities while also be involved in the small-sided and large-sided games.
  **U15 Girls and U17 Boys will be a premier team