PACT - Parents and Coaches Together

In effort to enhance the soccer environment for our youth athletes, coaches, and parents, Lakeville Soccer Club has committed to the PACT policy.

Lakeville Soccer Club is partnering with the Minnesota Youth Soccer Association (MYSA) to provide a research-based, educational program called Parents and Coaches Together (PACT). Co-developed by the University of Notre Dame and MYSA, PACT is designed to help coaches and parents create a positive environment for everyone involved that builds character and thus creates "champions" on and off the field. The value of PACT goes beyond what any individual family may or may not feel they have gained; the real value is what it brings to the club as a whole, the cohesiveness, the commonality of purpose and focus, and the means to make good things happen to make us a better club.

Staring in the 2013 season, all of our coaches, U14+ age group team managers, and parents will become "PACT certified" prior to the beginning of the season. This program will have a positive impact on our youth athletes. Lakeville Soccer Club is committed to certifying the rest of our age group parents and team managers.

Because of the importance of this initiative, Lakeville Soccer Club will continue to ask one parent of each new player to the club to attend a PACT seminar. < /p>

Lakeville Soccer Club will also be issuing a No PACT, No Play policy that states once certified, player passes will be issued for participation in the coming season.

MYSA PACT Registration

  For details on MYSA's PACT program and to see available classes and register please follow this link.