In-House Coach guidelines

Contact your team ASAP. Give them your name and phone number, and team name (if different from your last name). If you have an email that doesn't work or a problem with a phone number, email Jenny and Bruce.

As soon as you receive your roster, contact your parents to decide what nights will work best for practice. Practice locations will be assigned and sent out as available.

You and your co-coach have the flexibility to select the time and frequency and days your team practices. LSC will assign your team to the field. Please do not schedule practices at times when your team can't be there. This sounds obvious, but it happens every season.

We STRONGLY discourage practices on Wednesday nights as it is a common religion night in Lakeville. If your entire team does not worship on Wednesdays, it can be a great practice night, but only schedule this night if everyone can attend.

Decide if you are going to treats at games and practices. If so, put together a schedule so each family takes a turn. *Make sure to ask if any players have food allergies.

Have parents complete the emergency form and collect them when completed. Keep these for the duration of the season.

Additional Information:

Playing time should be equal for all players. Children may miss practices due to circumstances beyond their control and should not be penalized. Fields WILL BE assigned to individual teams for practices. Each team gets 1/2 of a field (one goal for U9-U12 fields).

Coaches training will be offered. More details will be available soon.