Welcome to the new site

Hello LSC families,

A few details on the new site and why we made the change:

  • Modern look and feel - home page optimized for mobile (iPhone and Android currently)
  • Better back end registration - we set up and control the back end
  • It was free!  Cost savings :)

What this means to you:

  • Your first time logging in you will need to register again.  That means your old registration info won't work here (unless you choose the same login info again when you sign up)
  • The site is free as it is sponsored by Dick's Sporting Goods.  That means you'll be receiving a limited amount of coupons from them each year.  You have the option to opt out of those emails at any time right at the bottom of the emails.
  • You can read the details at http://www.bluesombrero.com/privacy.aspx and http://www.bluesombrero.com/terms.aspx
  • That should be it...