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Travel Referee Program

Lakeville Soccer Club utilizes certified student and adult referees for all travel games.

All referee assignments are managed utilizing the online system www.gameofficials.net. This is is a new system for the club in 2011 and promises to bring increased efficiency in managing referee schedules. Features of this system include:

  • Game alerts/assignments can be sent as a text to you and you can accept or decline the assignments at your fingertips
  • Pay sheets are kept on the website and can be submitted on-line
  • Referees have the option to includes notes related to preferred age groups, field locations, etc.. under the My Preferences section of under your login profile
All referees must be registered with the www.gameofficials.net website to receive game assignments. Please follow the below instructions to register as a Lakeville Soccer Club Referee:
  • For referees that already have an account with gameofficials.net, please download and follow the existing user instructions here
  • For referees that have never registered with gameofficials.net, please download and follow the new user instructions here.
Once you create your account please be sure to remember your username. The Lakeville Soccer Club Referee Assignor will not have access to your user name or and password.


Referee Game Expectations

  • Show up at least 30 minutes before the start of all games

  • Come prepared with proper officiating attire

  • Bring a pen/pencil and scorecard to each game

  • Input the scores for each game in the gameofficials.net site

  • Perform your job as assigned

  • Do not trade out assignments excessively

  • Notify the Referee Assignor for all changes in assignment