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The select team philosophy in LSC is to provide a structured year round soccer program for ages U12-U19. Teams would play at the MYSA premier or C1 level. Team membership is open to any MYSA eligible player.


Head coaches will be paid professionals, selected by the LSC coach’s selection committee.

Training and Travel Expectations

Select teams can expect to train weekly starting November 1st and continue through the conclusion of the summer season. In addition to year round training, select teams are required to attend both in and out of state tournaments. Teams should be looking to play 2 out of state tournaments, between February and June. Premier teams (U14-19) can be expected to participate in the MRL league (Midwest Regional League) which entails extensive travel. The State Cup tournament is also highly recommended.


Yearly team expenses are divided equally between all families regardless of participation in team trainings and/or tournaments. Total player cost can be expected to range from $1,000.00 to $1,500.00 per player. The total cost will be dependent on LSC club registration fees, off-season training (winter training November-March), tournaments, and coaching fees. This does not include travel costs associated with tournaments or games.

Select Tryouts and Team Formation

The select tryout fee is $30.00 and is non-refundable. Select team tryouts are conducted after the MYSA State Summer tournament and before the start of the MSHSL fall soccer season. Players are evaluated by the head coach and assisted by independent evaluators. The head coach has the final say in the selection of his/her team. U12 select teams have the option of playing at the U13 level. After tryouts have concluded: the head trainer, travel manager, age group coordinator, and head coach will determine the appropriate age level for the team.
All eligible (U12-U19) players are encouraged to try out for LSC select soccer. Off-season trainings, November through March, are a required element of the LSC select program. Soccer must be the player’s primary activity during the Spring-Summer season (March- July), which also includes tournaments leading up to league play.

Parent Coaches of a Select Team

If a parent of a child trying out for select soccer is the select team coach, the Director of Player Development and Assistant Trainer(s) will participate in player selection for the team. If a select team coach is the parent of a player on that particular team, the coach will provide their services on a volunteer basis. Team parents may vote to pay the parent coach. A select team coach is allowed to coach a maximum of 3 years for a particular team and/or age group. Example: Year 1 (U12), Year 2 (U13), Year 3 (U14). Only approval by the LSC board can grant an extension of the 3 year rule.

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