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At home training - Technical/Skills Resources

Below are training ideas for coaches to utilize with their teams for at-home based development.  These can be used by assigning at-home assignments or to stimulate conversations with your teams in an individual or group setting.


SoccerIQ is a company that uses visual scenario concepts to help your players engage in thoughtful discussion-based learning. Potentially enhancing their cognitive understanding & decision making within game-relative situations. We encourage coaches to allow players to discuss these scenario themes in plenty of detail. Giving the players the tools to share their ideas and reasoning of what they see can be an insightful part of their cognitive development.

Using the game scenario link below, ask players on your team to analyze a specific scenario and fill in the journal with detail.  These can be used as simple homework assignments or a way to stimulate conversations about the game with your team.

Journal Entry PDF
Journal Entry WORD
Player Game Scenarios

The cognition player cards below are a great way to present specific scenarios to your team for each position.  Useful more in individual meetings, but can be a great tool to spark ideas and conversation in a group setting.

Position Cognition Player Cards

In order for players to have a better understanding of the game, it's important for them to watch the game and analyze it themselves.  Use the sheets below in order for players to view the game in a deeper sense.  Players can use the sheets to analyze the overall game or a specific player.  Questions can be changed to fit the age group you work with.  (Contact DOC if you have different questions you'd like)

LSC Game Analysis Worksheet
LSC Player Analysis Worksheet

Use the videos below to provide your team with ideas for training at home.  The majority of activities can be done safely in a small area, with limited resources required.  Below are fun ways to utilize these videos with your teams.

LSC Home Tech Skills
United Soccer Coaches - COVID19 Resource Center
Train with MLS - Ball Mastery
10 Minute Ball Mastery
5 Beginner Juggling/Freestyle Skills
Ball Skills & Foot Sensitivity - Week 1
Ball Skills & Foot Sensitivity - Week 2
Wall Ball Drills - Week 2
Box Drill - Week 3
INSANE 4 cone drills. Amazing skill & Quick Feet.
2 Cone Drill | Beast Mode Soccer | YFutbol
Two Cone Setup to Improve your Dribbling
P1 Soccer Specific Training: 3 Cone Drill 

Technical Video Homework - Assign 2-3 specific skills to your team each week.  Ask players to complete a certain amount of each skill or perform as many as they can in a specified time limit.  Players can submit their performance to the coach via video or ask parents to verify that it was completed.

Technical Video Team Competition - Assign 2-3 specific skills to your team each week.  Ask the team to compete against their teammates in scoring the highest score by the end of the week.  Players must submit their performance via video in a team group chat (WhatsApp, GroupMe, etc).

Technical Video Skill Contest - Ask players to record a video of themselves doing the wildest skill they can find in the videos above.  The team can vote at the end of the week who had the coolest skill.  *Everyone must enter a video*

Kickwalls are a tremendous tool for enhancing the development of young soccer players.  Some of the best players in the world give credit to their countless hours spent practicing on their own using just a ball and a wall.  Below you'll find links to building your own kickwall, as well as ideas for training on your own.

Soccer Kickwall - Build Your Own
Kickwall Training Videos
Wall Ball Drills - Week 2

At Home Training - Fitness Resources

Twin Cities Orthopedics and the Training HAUS have put together 9 individual workouts that players can complete at home.  This is a great way for players to stay in game shape and be active at home!  Below are the workouts, as well as instructional videos for the exercises listed.  Remember - all workouts MUST follow a proper warm-up.  Please use the FIFA 11+ Warm-up or Training HAUS Warm-up below before starting any of the listed workouts.

Below are 2 strategies for your weekly workout routine:

  1. 3 workout days per week: (ie Monday, Wednesday, Friday) Choose one workout from the 'speed and plyo' group, one workout from the ’strength’ group, and one from the ‘conditioning’ group. Execute each workout in the following order: speed/plyos à strength àconditioning.
  2. 5 workout days per week: Choose a ’strength’ workout and a ‘conditioning’ workout and perform them in that order 3 non-consecutive days per week. On the alternate days, execute a ’speed and plyo’ workout.
Exercise Video Library
Training HAUS - HAUS at Home Link

PHASE #1 - Individual Workouts
HAUS Warm-Up Video
Complete Program - Phase #1
Conditioning Program #1 - Medicine Ball
Conditioning Program #2 - Dumbbell
Conditioning Program #3 - Body Weight
Speed & Plyometric Program #1
Speed & Plyometric Program #2
Speed & Plyometric Program #3
Strength Training Program #1
Strength Training Program #2
Strength Training Program #3

PHASE #2 - Individual Workouts
HAUS Warm-Up Video
Complete Program - Phase #2
Conditioning Program #1 - Speed & Endurance
Conditioning Program #2 - Bodyweight
Conditioning Program #3 - Dumbbell (or alternative)
Speed & Plyometric Program #1
Speed & Plyometric Program #2
Speed & Plyometric Program #3
Strength Training Program #1
Strength Training Program #2
Strength Training Program #3

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