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2022 Annual General Meeting - Lakeville Soccer Club

Wednesday - October 19, 2022

Zoom Meeting Format

7:00 PM - 8:30 PM

The Annual Membership Meeting for Lakeville Soccer Club will be held on Monday October 19, 2022 from 7:00 PM-8:30 PM using  an online Zoom meeting format to promote better attendance.  To attend online, see below for sign-up form.

All open positions on our Board of Directors will be elected at this meeting.  See below for current opportunities.

We are in need of people with life experience and a willingness to volunteer to help guide the future growth of our club.

LSC Annual General Meeting (AGM)

To allow for better attendance, our AGM will be conducted via a Zoom meeting format.  We ask you to RSVP, if and only if, you plan to attend the meeting.  Those who RSVP will be sent a specific link to the Zoom meeting to attend.  We need to take attendance and ensure only LSC Members are attending the meeting, as only LSC Members are able to vote for the open board positions.  Please note - Per our Bylaws, each family is allowed two Member votes.  If your family intends to exercise two votes, each Member needs to register and have his/her own separate device to properly vote at the AGM.

To RSVP, please complete the Google link below.  A day or two prior to the AGM meeting, you will be emailed the actual Zoom link to virtually attend the AGM on October 19.  All RSVPs are due by noon on October 19 to ensure you will be given access to the 7:00 PM meeting.

To Attend - 2022 Lakeville AGM Sign-Up

If you have any questions, please email the board at [email protected].

Board of Directors Information and Application

Board members provide general guidance to Lakeville Soccer Club by overseeing organizational operations, leaving the soccer operations to the knowledgeable staff currently in place.  Board members help design strategies for future growth and ensure these plans are implemented.   

Position summaries can be found below :

Please click here to apply! 

2022-2024 Board of Directors Application

 Send Completed Application by October 16th or questions to:

[email protected]

President:   Must be a Lakeville resident or live in ISD 194 school district

The President shall designate standing committees and appoint members to them. There shall be similar duties in regards to ad hoc committees for special purposes. The President shall enforce the regulations of the LSC and supervise organizational affairs.  The President shall sign contractual documents with the Treasurer as co-signer for disbursement of funds. He/she also will have the power to call special Board and special meetings of the voting membership, if he/she determines there is an emergency or if any voting members follow prescribed procedure in asking for such a meeting. The President is an ex-officio member of all committees. Acts as primary liaison of LSC with the our state leagues and the Lakeville Athletic Association.  This position also oversees the LSC scholarship program. 

Secretary: Must be a Lakeville resident or live in ISD 194 school district

The Secretary will sign, with the President, contractual documents which reflect approved Board and LSC commitments. In addition, the Secretary will make sure that all family and affiliate members sign and register at annual and special meetings, the purpose of which will be to determine the eligibility for petitioning for future special meetings. The Secretary is responsible for giving notices of all meetings, keep a permanent record of all meetings, maintain voting eligibility.  The Secretary shall keep a record of all proceedings of the LSC including Board and annual meetings. The Secretary also will keep committee reports on file and conduct official correspondence for LSC.   This elected position is responsible for ensuring the day-to-day activities of the club operate effectively.  This individual is chair of the Personnel Committee which oversees the annual review of paid contractors working for the club.

Recreational Coordinator: Must be a Lakeville resident or live in ISD 194 school district

This elected Board position is responsible for maintaining communication between parents, players, coaches and the Club.  Work side-by-side with the Recreation Director developing guidelines, policies and insight to the Rec program.  Help facilitate the TOTs and Junior Academy program in collaboration with the Rec Director.  Assist Recreational program members with the transition to the competitive Travel program. 

Duties Include:

Duties include:

  •  Attend monthly board meeting
  • Answer Email as it pertains to respective stewardship
  • Assist from time to time with equipment hand out or other logistics
  • Help with the LSC tournaments
  • Work with our Staff to help facilitate the growth of LSC
  • Be involved in occasional committee work to help shape the long term vision of LSC

Please Note:      

  • The board positions are two year terms 
  • Board Officer positions must be a Lakeville resident or live in ISD 194 school district
  • The term of the current open board positions runs from November 2022 to November 2024
  • Board positions are volunteer positions and are not paid 
  • Serving on the board for the full term meets the requirement of the volunteer bond.
  • Candidates will be given 2-3 mins at the Annual Meeting to speak to their application

Applications for Open Board positions are due no later than October 16th, 2022 by 5PM.

  •  We will not accept or call for additional candidates at the Annual meeting if an application has been turned in for a board position by October 16th
  •  In the event that an open board position does not receive an application by October 16th we will then call for candidates at the Annual Membership Meeting. 


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Lakeville Soccer Club

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